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Volunteer Application

Parental Information

An email will be sent to your parents requesting they fill out a parental consent form, upon submission of this form.

I understand that Friendship Circle expects me to behave responsibly. I agree to utilize my best judgment and sense of responsibility when spending time with the child with whom I am matched.
I understand that the use of a cell phone during a Friendship Circle program is not acceptable and should only be used in case of emergency.
I understand that once I commit to attend an event, the Friendship Circle staff and special friends expect me to be there. I agree to attend and give it my best effort.
I agree to respect the privacy of all participants of the Friendship Circle and to keep personal information confidential.
If someone gets hurt or some other incident occurs while I am volunteering, it is my responsibility to immediately report the occurrence to Friendship Circle staff.
I have carefully read and agree to abide and be bound by all additional rules and policies in the Friendship Circle Handbooks and any additional rules pertinent to specific events.
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